Through years of experience in the trailer essentially you next to a large (online) offer trailers and parts, also rely on us to provide good advice when purchasing a new or used trailer. In the years Haverslag has built up an impressive warehouse of parts and you can almost always in stock supply, nothing is more annoying to a so long time with a defective trailer stuck due to lack of parts. Also Haverslag turn as a consultant to third parties. Looking For example, a trailer that unfortunately not in our range to come, but from another supplier? Haverslag can act as an agent for you and so advise to buy the product, after all, your every trailer is different! Whether you have problems and you sit with your hands in the hair? Haverslag can be together for you to find a good solution. Haverslag is official dealer of Car Hapert. Car Hapert delivers trailers in many variations through a network of dealers. Their trailers are internationally recognized as extremely high quality. The production process is fully equipped to meet special requirements of customers. Of course Haverslag can also supply many other brands besides Hapert trailers. Also Haverslag a recognized Bovag company and meets all requirements bovag. You can not just rely on our name, but also on the bovag warranty! In line with this Haverslag can also provide maintenance for you as you can see the top left of the photo is Haverslag also experienced in the field of handicapped trailers, as Haverslag can deliver trailers scooter etc. We can also search targeted for a vehicle fitting your situation and / or any modifications take care of your existing trailer. There are countless situations in which oats started to think you can give. Personal, objective and honest advice Whether it comes to sales, mediation and modification of your PC, Haverslag is your specialist in the field of followers! We therefore hope soon to hear from you! Our name is your guarantee!

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